Ink blending on cards

Hello! Lots of people have asked me about ink blending on cards so I thought I would share what inks I use.

I love using Tim holtz distress ink but you can use any pigment ink, the only difference is distress ink will react with water leaving a lighter distressed result. Personally I have found they are not great for stamping images but fantastic for blending and building background colours.

On this card I used distress ink to make the background to the window but I didn’t add water or splotches of water, I used a sponge to blend the ink.

On this card you can see the distressed effect when water is added. This is super fun and you can make all different types of background images. This needs a few different colours of ink and lots of blending so be prepared for an achy arm afterwards…

Here’s a closer look at how you can add water for a fun effect.

For this card I used pigment ink and blended the cloud background with some softer colours. You can’t get the same effect with pigment as you can when using distress ink and adding water but I love using them for a nice background plus you can stamp images and greetings with pigment ink. Totally worth investing a few different colours into your collection and they will last a long time.

How do I blend the ink?

You will need a scrap piece of paper, your inks and sponges and place your card on the paper. Dab the sponge into the ink and don’t add it to the card straight away. Start by adding the ink onto the scrap piece of paper and gently work towards the edge of your card. Keep repeating until you have your background covered. If using distress ink add your other colours. Now you need to add a few splotches of water, wait a few seconds and you should see your ink start to soak into the water. If you need too use a paper towel to pick up the remaining water. Hey presto you have a distressed background that looks pretty cool.

Pigment ink is used exactly the same way but no water is needed. This is great for adding colour to card and stencils will be your best friend.

I find using a small circular motion is the best way to blend the inks.

I hope this was helpful to some of you that are new to cardmaking. If you give this a go don’t forget to comment or tag me on Instagram.

Have a great weekend!


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